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We lose the precious sense that an end is only a beginning in disguise

Craig D. Lounsbrough

As 2019 comes to an end, I’ve deliberately decided to slow down things and this will probably be my last blog entry of the year 2019, so decided to take some time to reflect, I truly find it important to spend a day before the end of the year to simply reflect, about my moments either good or bad but also take the time to appreciate all the little but yet somewhat big moments that were a part of my everyday life in the 12 months.

I don’t know about you but I truly believe that taking the time to review your year can be a great and somewhat valuable exercise to help you move forward into the future and I have to admit that I am really excited about the upcoming changes coming next year but just like every past December, we always get an opportunity to looking back and reflect over our past year and also we get the opportunity to look forward to the upcoming new year and make the necessary plan for the future.

So I would like to take a couple of minutes with you and share some of my honest thoughts and maybe reflect back on the year by asking yourself some questions and assess where are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

So here are some questions that I like to ask myself and might help you:

What was important?

As I look back on 2019, I have to admit that this year has been a lot about transiting for my son and me and the main thing that has been important to me just like any parent single or not is to be able to provide a home and safety for our children, so financial growth has been and is still is very important for me.

Sometimes we find ourselves being confronted with situations which for us are far from ideal, but for one reason or another, there isn’t anything we can do about it, I learned the importance of finding a way to making peace with this situation will be the kindest thing you can ever do for yourself and your mental health. And trust me it’s not an easy thing to do but it’s absolutely worth it.

Starting my career transition into cybersecurity, was a huge and yet exciting leap to take, but to be honest quite scary jumping into the unknown and being a beginner, because for a long time I was afraid of doing things wrong but the thing that has helped me through this transition is the fact that I am not doing it alone, seeing the women in my program going through the same beginner transition after being experts in their fields has helped me embrace and appreciate being a beginner because we are doing it together.

What were the successes?

This year I learned the importance of documenting my journey and thoughts on my blog, and the discipline and enjoyment I have found from writing have been truly amazing in helping me structure my thoughts and I plan to continue blogging in 2020.

On the entrepreneurship front, 2019 has been a productive year, and I am truly grateful for that because like I have said so many times my life turned out beyond my expectations.

Over the years I have given speeches and to be honest I found out that I loved speaking and connecting with different people but more so ever I realized that my journey and story was something that I had to share with the world and motivate those that feel like their Now Is Going To Become Their Forever, this is why I decided to seek help after I saw the impact of having someone coach you during my Ted Talk (Yes I still can’t believe I gave a ted talk) and as I get better I am still convinced it’s absolutely not possible to ever completely get over your fear of public speaking you just have to embrace and use it.

For me, one of the best successes was teaching stem activities is that I got to teach and connect with kids from different backgrounds and together we got to take new challenges, and solve them together and it was actually the moment I got to feel like I am actually making a difference.

What would I do differently?

Next year I truly want to embrace the notion of traveling, because despite traveling for work I never actually get to explore the places I visit and simply be a tourist, for me, I have a problem in just being in situations that make me feel vulnerable and it’s absolutely something I want to get rid of and enjoy a life of travel and explore the wonders of the world.

I think that it’s great to be friends with your colleagues’ partners etc… but something I realized this year is I need to surround myself with other types of people who have different passions and I especially those that I don’t work or collaborate with them, and have them be simply friends who help you grow.

What or who am I most thankful for?

I have to say that I am thankful to be able to live a life where I get to share my gifts with the world.

I am thankful for having my son who I get the joy of watching him grow and become his own person and man what a person he will become, he’s barely two and is already giving me a glimpse of what a character he will become and I guess like all moms I can’t wait to finally start talking tech, or who is the best avengers I can’t wait.


Like, everyone, I know that can December often becomes overwhelming with Christmas shopping, finishing up projects for the end of the year, and so on but I do challenge you to spend some time to reflect on where you are coming from and where you want to go.

Feel free to use my questions or come up with your own or even google ideas to help you and please do take some time to think of the year that was, whatever you experienced it be experiencing successes beyond your expectations or you simply went through something that made you a stronger version of yourself, remember that with every experience that you endure you will see that it will eventually teach you something, as long as you are willing to accept and learn from it.

And remember every end marks some sort of new beginning for every one of us, so never let your spirit be broken, you have to keep your spirits and determination unbroken because that’s the secret to overcoming diversity, and whatever happened to you in yesterday the only way to move forward into the future is by letting go of the past and taking this opportunity to start off new… After all, that is why it is called the ‘New’ Year.

So I wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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