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If there’s one word that could define 2020, that would be – confusion. We all started the year on a very high note, as a new decade had started, we were all determined to make the most out of 2020. Then came March and Covid-19, and boom, the world shut down, many people lost their jobs, and many couldn’t stay motivated due to the overall atmosphere of the world throughout 2020, we were forced out of our comfort zones and had to adapt quickly to unprecedented change.

Am sure you would agree that that 2020 will go down in the history, however, despite what has been taken from all of us i have to admit and am sure many of you would agree that we have been given perspective and appreciation, our eyes were forced open to truly see the value of our every day human relationships, the value of traveling across the world, the value of hugging our family and friend or even the little drink with friends, the value of a restaurant, the value of each person person that we pass by and so much more. Am the first to admit that despite being present everyday for my family and going through our daily routine, I actually sometimes forgot how much I have to be thankful for until i was forced to stop and add it all up and see so many people loose so much..

What 2020 also forced taught us was the need to be able to adapt in life, So am sure we are all making plans for 2021 but how to plan when the future is so uncertain ? Well for me I think it’s important to set adaptable goals in case this year takes yet another twist or turn.

Here’s my plan for how i plan 2021 more smartly.

A quick tip: Don’t just assume the following points in your head, write them down, it will give you a lot more clarity & perspective.

Review and Reflect on the Past Year On What Lessons You Learned

One of the best ways to plan for the future year is to reflect on the past, Identify the learnings from your experiences. While you’re reflecting, try answering the following questions too:

  • What was the most important learning?
  • What new habits did you start??
  • What new skills did you learn?
  • What were the blessings that you were grateful most for?
  • What did you do for your career growth?
  • What is your intention for next year?
  • If you could only achieve one big thing this year, what would it be? 

With this type of questions in mind they always help me reflect on my lessons from the past 12 months, but they also help to inspire me to plan ahead for this new year.

Always Be Willing to Adapt and Make a System

Once you’ve reflected and written down the learnings, think about how you can apply the learnings and go with a proper system. Here, ask yourself:

  • What are the habits are you going to go forward with?
  • What are you going to do differently?
  • Write a letter to your future-self [31-12-2021]. Write all the things you’re going to do that will make you satisfied, professionally and personally. Read this letter every month of this year.
  • Focus on the areas that you want to improve.

Create an Action Plan Don’t Wing It

You now know the learnings and what you want to do better in 2021. Let’s plan it now!

  • Elaborate and break down the things you said you’ll do differently, what actions do you need to take throughout the year.
  • The areas that you decided you’ll focus on, elaborate them as well, for example, I want to increase my intellect, hence I’ll read more books, and break it down, even more, I’ll finish 1 book in a week.
  • Just start practising, don’t wait for tomorrow.

It’s important to think about the small things that you can change, that will help you to achieve you your goals.

Despite the threat of the new Covid variant, we are still unsure whether life would go back to normal or we’ll have to adapt yet again to the ‘new normal’, one more time. So remember stay flexible, but always have a plan.

Happy planning & stay safe!

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