The Biggest Risk In Life Is Not Actually Taking One


Mary has decided to start her own bakery after a decade spent dragging feet and giving every excuse available in the book. Although she has acquired the required business space, has her plans all laid out and even has a list of potential clients she intends to target, Mary still has one more mountain to conquer: her aversion for risks.

Just like Mary, many others are stuck waking up every day to a life they detest simply because they would rather not take risks. If you are like Mary, taking risks can help you grow and become a better version of yourself.

This is particularly essential if you are to nurture your ambitions until you are ready enough to inspire others to start taking their own risks.

Can Taking Risks Lead You to a Better Life?

Something l learned is that most of the great achievements you desire will never be realized in your comfort zone. To become a better version of yourself, you must first learn how to overcome your insecurities and fears about what people think of you whether it means conquering that stage fright, investing money into the business like Mary or simply finding the courage to start all over again.

Taking risks will also require you placing your ambitions first before you think of the possible and sometimes painful outcomes of your decisions. Contemplating the outcomes for too long sometimes makes you go back to the comfort zone.

What if I make a fool of myself? What if I donโ€™t get the loan? What if the company rejects me? Well, what if they donโ€™t? You can never know until you try.

The Biggest Secret of Risk Takers

There is one singular trait that all risk-takers have and it is the courage to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm or vision. They are not afraid to fail because they know should a failure occur while taking risks, they will fail forward.

Most times, the fears we have come from a lack of competence. When you practice smart, hard and long for something you are skilled at, it builds in you the courage to face the future or take on challenges that may or may not be related to the areas you ought to take risks In.

Train Yourself to Overcome Your Fears

Go back to school and learn that subject or skill you have always wanted to learn, start that business you are dreaming about for years, go on that adventure of a lifetime and invest in that startup that you think stands a chance of becoming the next big thing that gets to change the world for the better.

And if you still donโ€™t believe in the power of taking risks, well take me for example If I had not thrown caution to the wind and chased after my vision of the world, I would probably still be stuck doing something I hated, somewhere in the middle of dreaming for that better life but to scared to of the unknown.

And when you start to doubt yourself or are afraid of starting something, it means you do not have sufficient knowledge and Instead of writing yourself off completely as a failure in that area, there are other options like going back and taking an online or offline courses, seek out a mentor nor someone who inspires you and ask them questions, or you can read one book a month on your subject, and by just doing that it will already put you into the top 1 percent and soon enough, you will become quite proficient at your craft.

Every phase of your life will require that you step out of the boat and into the water and if you do not know how to swim, how can you walk on water? Well, you can start by visiting the pool todayโ€ฆ

So as I head to my summer vacation, I would like to leave with you with these words take risks and give yourself the gift of experience so that you can grow and be the best version of your life so that you can get to inspire and motivate others to live your best life now!

Enjoy your summer and see you in September

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