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In the past as a young entrepreneur, I often found myself stretched for time, energy and money at that point I was trying to get my tech skills on track and build my company She Leads Digital.

Finding myself as a single mother of a one-and-a-half-year-old boy, while I am chasing and trying to build my vision of the world, I have to admit for a moment I was lost, confused, dissatisfied, overwhelmed by events to the point that everything seemed difficult to manage and being weighed down by everyday pressure of life, I did not know how I was going to face it anymore and it did feel like this is what my forever was going to be and feel like.

At that point, I decided to take a step back and ask myself about my life choices and what I really wanted out of it and that’s when I realized that it all came down to the question am sure we have found ourselves asking ourselves more than once: should I just give up?

So as I write this trust me as a single mother myself, I know and am still working on the different challenges that we face in taking the stand and making the choice to pursue my dream and career aspirations but yet still be there for all the play dates, kisses, and bedtime stories.

Yet despite the difficult challenges and moments, I have faced in my pursuit of happiness for my son and me, I can stand here proudly and say that they have not only been empowering but educative, but I can firmly stand here and say that I truly believe that single parents with everything we have to take on in our day to day life make the best entrepreneurs so why aren’t we ?

Don’t get me wrong I understand that every single mom or dad isn’t obligated to have the entrepreneurial spirit or they don’t have the desire to be or take on the stress that comes with it, but I also do believe that in most cases its due to the fact that entrepreneurship has been perceived and portrayed as not a viable option for a single mother and father.

There are thousands of reasons why a single parent would say “why the hell would I take that risk when I have a child or two to take care of? or when would I find the time to build a business from the ground up?” or “Who’s going to watch my child while I work?” or “I don’t have any extra money to invest in my dream.” and I could go on and on about every single excuse that has gone through my head since I become a single mom and I was trying to find the reason why my ambitions and dreams didn’t deserve a chance to be achieved and maybe I was better of finding a 9 to 5 job and always be there for bedtime.

As you can see all these things have crossed my mind over and over again to a point I had to reach other moms who were or are still single but still made the choice to go after their dreams despite their situation and struggle and they have been my source of motivation and strength.

That’s why I have decided to put together these article to *either help anyone who needs the motivation and advice to get started*

My advice for any mom or dad looking to take the plunge:

Always Start Small.  When we were younger and carefree we would make decisions and not have to worry about tomorrow but unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury when we have our other half fully depending on us, so don’t just throw everything out of the window on day one when you decide to take the plunge and create your business, in today’s digital age we can create, plan and execute any business to take the time when you have either early in the morning before the kids are up or after they go to bed and work on your business idea.

Have a financial Objective In Mind.  When we decided to become entrepreneurs is because we want to change our financial situation and have the flexibility that comes with it, so by having a financial objective in mind can help you create goals that will lead to it

Find Your Tribe. If you are like me and don’t the co-parent, family support this is where friends come in because at the end of the day as we get older we get to chose who we call family and if all else false Bsit is one of the apps that saves me time with providing me with trustworthy childcare support, and after beating myself up with guilt I realized we don’t have to feel like that because there is nothing wrong with calling a sitter to watch the kids if you need it for a couple of hours.

Take Your Me Time (even for an hour every day).  Being a single parent and entrepreneur often guarantees that you are spending your time taking care of everyone but yourself and we forget about taking care of our mental and physical well being which is the most crucial because if both things fail it can so quickly overshadow everything else that’s going on in your life that needs our attention

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