We need to talk about having more compassion as an entrepreneur or a business!


As the years go by the world is becoming more and more dependent on the amazing technologies we have created, but to be honest i also find that it has also become more difficult to find the good old-fashioned ‘human’ connection and understanding in our everyday life.

But thanks to technology it has also brought us access to information from around the world gives us opportunities to learn and be able to consider and understand the needs of others.

The one thing we all know and have learned is childhood is that having compassion and empathy is the right thing to have in our personal life, but i also believe that its not only limited to our personal life but also professional, having compassion and empathy as an entrepreneur actually adds a competitive edge in what ever business dealing we have.

And since entrepreneurship is all about solving problems having compassion and empathy gives us the ability to see the world from the perspective of others is one of the most crucial tools to learn and use.

So Why Is Compassion The Key for Any Entrepreneur Or Business looking to Create Meaningful Companies?

Too often I have heard people say “there’s no place for compassion when it comes to doing business” yet I was reading a report stating that one-in-three workers would leave their companies for a more compassionate environment clearly shows the need for entrepreneurs and companies to emphasize on their empathy skills sooner rather than later.

Adding compassion in our business dealings is vital to maintaining a sustainable business. As an entrepreneur, you are surrounded by people who desire to be understood, from shareholders or investors, to employees and customers. When you are in tune with their perspectives and wants, this connection will in turn provide you with business insights to run your company smoothly.

So What Exactly Is Compassion ?

Well to me it represents the ability to understand someone else’s thoughts and feelings, but it actually goes beyond that, it’s also having the ability to place yourself in another person’s shoes and actually taking the steps to either be understand or finding solutions relieve the other person’s problem.

And if If you’re wondering why compassion may be the key to creating a meaningful company, check out these report from Businessolver’s 2017 Workplace Empathy Monitor report stats:

  • 77% of workers would be willing to work more hours for a more empathetic workplace; meanwhile, 60% would actually accept a slashed salary for the same.
  • 92% of HR professionals note that a compassionate workplace is a major factor for employee retention.
  • 80% of millennial’s noted that they would leave their current job if their office became less empathetic. 66% of Baby Boomers also shared this sentiment.

The thing about working with different people is your team is made up of a huge variety of personalities, preferences, and communication styles, you may have a single mother who simply wants to provide and still be their for her child(ren), the struggling father with a growing family, or the young curious intern that is just trying to find his or her place in the world.

And when you make the decision to truly listen and better understand your team, your company reaps the reward in profits and whatever else anyone says I have to admit that there may be nothing more motivating than the feeling that we truly matter — that we and our contribution add and bring a unique value to the whole team and project.

Profit is a by-product of happy and loyal employees and customers

In this this day and age, companies and entrepreneurs that will last and thrive are those that practice compassionate leadership and make an effort to understand their team, investors and customers.

To ensure lasting results, compassion,empathy must be at the core of your entrepreneurial efforts.

How Can Entrepreneurs Start Practicing Compassion ?

1. Rethink How You Listen

Most entrepreneurs don’t listen to questions and concerns from co-workers or team members, Practice and learn to be a active listening!

2. Ask Questions

Compassion means not only being a good listener but also asking the right questions. When you ask questions, you give your team,partners,investors the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging and to contribute positively to your company’s growth.

3. Be Open-minded

Never criticize someone you work with, if you have not worked a mile in their shoes then you can’t really criticize them. Roles and responsibilities differ, hence the need to first understand their unique position before offering solutions or judgement.

4. Prioritize Workplace Problems

Not all problems are created equal. When dealing with work glitches, ensure you prioritize and respond to issues based on how pressing they are and pass on this mindset to employees too so no one feels left out.

5. Don’t be the North Pole Entrepreneur

Something i learned along the way, is there is no written rule that says you do or don’t have to be friends with everyone at the office. However, if you insist on keeping everyone at arm’s length, giving them a cold shoulder treatment and snob their attempts at friendship, well what you need are a bunch of robots, not humans.

6. Accept That Empathy Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Having and maintaining entrepreneurial compassion is a journey not something you can start doing overnight. Learning how to develop empathy and practice compassion and adding skills such as patience, keen listening, and asking thoughtful questions takes time, however, consistent actions from your part will eventually get you there and with time, they will return the favor.

So, remember being compassionate and having empathy in your business does not make you weak, it actually makes you stronger!

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