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I’ve always been absolutely terrified every defining moment of my life but I’ve never let it keep me from doing what’s necessary to reach my vision even when that vision evolves.

Most people spend their whole lives trapped in a work routine that makes them miserable, yet they keep themselves going through the same hell every day and there could be many reasons we stay in jobs or situations longer than we should, but my question to you Is it fair to yourself?

I truly believe that If you are not getting any fulfillment in career life, gone are the days when people used to live their lives doing the same tedious job they hate. I love the quote by Noel Gallagher

I don’t live to work; I work to live.

Every single person has the right to live their life in the way they want. Nobody is bound to continue a job or career that doesn’t suit them. You always have the chance to change your career path whenever it is needed.

But if we are unhappy why is career transition such a hard decision?

A career transition decision can be one of the most challenging decisions a person can ever make. Both practical and emotional can be an obstacle to making this life-changing decision. In several cases, this decision will be more complicated than an initial career choice, especially after working on a path for a long time.

But usually the biggest barriers I have noticed in my own career change are:

  • Social pressure

Social pressure plays a crucial role in making career transition the hardest decision to make. People around you expect a lot from you; you may fear that this very decision may disappoint them.

  • Fear of losing current status

It’s a part of human nature to feel and want to be appreciated and recognized for our hard work and achievements! To be honest, in the era of entrepreneurship we have become a little too superficial when it comes to our status. changing careers usually means going back to a junior role sometimes, and after working so hard in your current job and having built up a level of experience and knowledge it’s hard sometimes to give that up and chose to back to a junior level and that fear may come in your way of getting in the right direction.

  • Fear of being judged by others

Despite our best efforts, we all judge from time to time, we can’ help it Whenever you decide to make a career shift, get ready to be judged. Fear of getting judged by people or family members often leads you to just staying in your current job.

  • Overthinking

Oh yes my worst enemy, seriously overthinking really ruins everything! And usually, where there is overthinking, anxiety isn’t far behind. And much of the time, when we find ourselves overthinking, we find ourselves in such a destructive thought process that leads us to foresee ourselves failing before even beginning the transition. 

  • Lack of moral support by the people that matter

Most of the time, people around you are not in favor of your decision of career transition, especially if that means things might have to change. Lack of moral support from people that matter like wife, husband, mother or father makes it difficult to take this bold decision of leaving the current job.

  • Not being sure of your capabilities to learn or start over

Most of our fear and pressure usually comes from the inside of ourselves, most of the time, the person holding ourselves back is US from doing great things.

We often fall into the trap of self-doubt, questioning our own abilities. This state of mind makes it hard to go for a career change.

  • Fear of wasted time and skills

When you think of all the time, effort, and money spent in that particular field, it makes us anxious to make that change and keeps us from deciding on a career change, but here is the thing I learned, those years spent working you were able to build and learn so many transferable skills that can never go to waste.

Why We Chose To Transition Careers? (from my experience)

  • For bigger earning potential

Who doesn’t want financial security? Becoming a single mom made me realize that my current career choice is not providing me with the financial protection that I feel comfortable with especially with a child and that realization made me take the leap and sign up for a career that guarantees with hard work and experience bigger earning potential can be achieved.

  • In the pursuit of JOY

I have to admit that I love my organization and as entrepreneurs we usually have to wear several hats to build up your startup, but along the way I found myself doing everything except the thing that brought me joy the technical work and the thing I learned is your own happiness and willingness to do a specific job is the most crucial factor of all.

Do it with all of your heart, or don’t do it all!

If your current career choice is not making you happy both intellectually and emotionally, it’s probably time to change your path, and start looking for a career that brings you joy!

Go for a job that matches your personality and preferences.

  • To make better use of your skills

Experience is never a waste of time! How can you know that something is not for you if you don’t go for it first?

With experience comes clarity. You may feel in the mid of your career that it is not fulfilling your potential. Probably, you are wasting your valuable skills in a job, which is not according to your expertise. Here, you must go for a career transition that better aligns with your strengths and abilities.

  • Your current job is not your “dream job.”

Perhaps, your current career path is not the one you have always dreamed of, I remember when I was young 😉 before my introduction to technology I worked as a commis de cuisine and a terrible house cleaner, those jobs gave me my introduction to financial freedom but it wasn’t my dream job and I truly believe that if I never had gotten fired I would have probably never found my love for technology because the comfort zone was warm and cozy and this where most of us get stuck working in career that was there to support us towards working on gaining the skills to our dream job

Remember this we live every day but only die once

  • Your current job was a random or forced decision

Back to when I just beginning my journey, I remember being so desperate for a job that I found myself applying to all kinds of positions evens ones that didn’t fir my personality and being desperate I accepted the first job that was offered to me, which again is okay but if you were like me in that situations, take the job and start building the necessary skills towards your dream job and thanks to program and technology you can learn skills at your own pace or evening classes remember Your current situation is not your final destination

  • You don’t find it exciting anymore

When you are doing something you love for a long time, you excel beyond your potential and end up knowing it like the back of your hand. And it reached a point that your current job or career doesn’t offer any challenges to keep you interested, excited, and motivated, which is okay this is the moment to opt for a career transition that enables you to work in a different field and still get to put to use your existing skills.

A career that causes you to grow stretches your abilities and creates opportunities for increased responsibility.

  • Not a promising future

In today’s fast-changing market trends, the future of your current career seems bleak for some sectors; this is the time to look into changing your career path before the worst happens.

Final Verdict

Always put yourself first! Sounds selfish right? If you feel the current career is not meant for you or isn’t getting you where you want to be 10 years from now, take a well thoughtful decision but do not overthink it, and go for it, take the necessary steps to work towards your career transition for example don’t quit your job if you don’t have to, join a night a school or program that can help you start the transition .

It’s been a couple of weeks that I have started my transition with Cyberway Finder and I have to admit that, from the instructors and program and to the other women making the transition with me, I am well surrounded and getting the necessary tools to transition into my new career and when you look at it, everything I have learned from cooking, cleaning, coding, running a startup are skills that I will get to use in my new career without a doubt.

Choosing a career shouldn’t feel like a burden and if you haven’t found what sets your brain and heart on fire, that’s okay too and you will get there. A big part of our life and energy is consumed at work, my only advice is to make sure you get joy from what you are doing.

And never let other people fears and judgments, keep you from choosing the right career path for you no matter what it is, and if along the way you realize that’s it’s not for you It’s okay to start all over again because it’s never too late to arrive at the right choice!

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