Do you believe in the power of visualization to achieve your goal?


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I truly believe to accomplish any things we must first dream it, then visualize it, then plan it…then act on it

Every one of us has some goals, ambitions, targets, and dreams, weather it’s asking for a raise or funding, quit smoking or finally starting your own business. NO matter the goal big or small, having goals in mind give us a sense of purpose, but unfortunately, some of us remain stuck at the beginning of the goal. We always start out with the best intentions and perhaps even a great plan to achieve that goal, but that’s it, we can’t seem to make it past that stage.

Have you ever noticed that only how some people seem to be succeeding in achieving their goal? You might be questioning weather they have some magic trick that help them?

Well, the trick lies in their mindset that, their so much power in our own mind, beliefs carry great power to achieving anything we could ever dream about. A person’s thoughts and mindset makes a difference and increases or decreases their chances of succeeding in anything .

The more you believe in what you set yourself to do, the more more motivated and determined you will be to achieve it!

This is a simple rule. Positive thoughts play a pivotal role in determining our success. i bet you have heard this saying so many times “If you can dream it, you can achieve it!” Do you agree with this statement?

Well, there is actually truth to this, positive thinking or mindset is not a fantasy. Think about it besides having a positive mindset helps us improve our mental health and general wellness, having positive mindsets actually helps boost our confidence and not just that, it also improves our everyday interactions and relationships we have with other people.

So if Science says, yes! And psychologists support the idea of the power of visualization and actually recommend to make it habit. Why is it so hard for some of us to do it ?

So Why should you visualize?

We all know that nurturing your mind with positive thoughts is the most powerful thing we can do to live a healthy life.

Our mindset is a crucial factor that determines our success or failure. All the top performers, entrepreneurs, have a habit of picturing themselves at the end of the rainbow,so basically they see themselves succeeding in their minds before they do it in reality.

This is what we call Visualization! And in a more technical term creative visualization is the technique of building in your imagination a visual scene of your goal.

Don’t base your happiness on the visualized goal.

Most of us make the mistake that we need to reach our goals before feeling fulfilled. But if you are like me more often that’s not the case every time we reach the goal, because most of the time when we finally manage to achieve that desired goal, we sometimes end up finding out that achieving it wasn’t as great as we thought that it would actually be, but before we know it, there we go again working towards another goal, with the hope that this will be the one to bring us the sense of fulfillment that the other goal failed to give us .

As you can see this can actually become quite a vicious cycle that repeats its self over and over again, and some of us end up going through life with that feeling of being empty or unfulfilled.

I stopped basing my happiness on my achievement of my goal, and instead I fell in love with the process that came with it. Because without the process, no goal can be achieved. And only through the process, will you learn how you truly feel about your goal.

Visualization is for everyone!

If you can’t picture yourself in your mind reaching that desired goal, delivering the best speech, transitioning successfully into your desired career, dominating your industry, or running a phenomenal business, then the chances are you never will. Having a visual goal in your mind helps you believe that no matter what comes in your way the outcome is possible, and it helps you keep faith in the process and fuels you to keep going no matter what. And visualization also applies to any area of our life! Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, single parent, etc. Building this habit helps your mind go through a rehearsal before actually reaching that desired goal.

When you are mentally prepared and ready, you always do better. Seeing the best version of yourself motivates us to become the best!

One of my favorite reference of visualization is the actor Jimmy Carrey has always emphasized on the importance of positive Visualization in one of speeches. He used to imagine himself as a successful actor even when he was going through the hard struggling phase of his career. Boxing legend Muhammad Ali used to visualize himself as the champion before going for the fight. Visualization gave him the power to win and making his mark all over the world.

Making Visualization work: From imagination to reality!

Just visualizing things without acting upon them is called a dream. Both our thoughts and actions go side by side. They work best in parallel.

Just has it can be a habit it can also be the barrier that holds us back some of us have fallen into the trap of visualizing our failure or rejection before it actually happens, Please don’t be that person.

Try to make it a habit of thinking and imagining only what you want to achieve and avoid over thinking about the things that you do not want to see happening.

We all worry that’s part of being human, but the one thing I try to avoid these days is visualizing my failure, at the end of the day none of us want attract failure but that’s whay you get by continually thinking of them.

You need to learn to stop worrying and think about all the positive events that you want in reality. It will make you happy, motivated, and more focused. Visualize and then start taking action. Don’t just stop at the first step.

So What Are The Benefits of Creative Visualization From My Experience

  • It gave me clarity

When you take out the time to think and ponder upon what you want to happen in your life and what you don’t, this gives a lot of clarity. Having a visual goal, has been a powerful tool that has helped me stay on track in my life’s mission, it has also helped me set my goals because I have already seen what and whom I need to achieve my goal and these reduces the risk of wasting your time and effort on things that actually get you no where.

Visualization has served as a filter for distinguishing between what’s necessary and what’s not in my life. Once you make it a habit you are no longer confused about the direction to fulfilling your dreams!

  • It Us Empowered and Motivated Me Through My Journey

Over the years, I’ve been a school dropout, homeless, gone bankrupt, and I’ve had some really amazing years and I’ve had some of the worst years in my life. But through all that if I never had visualized what I wanted out of this life, I have to admit that I would have given up so long ago, I got live inside of those visions during my worst times and got to feel empowered every time I realized that I am living in the moment I had in visioned that for me.

  • It has helped me focus

One of the main problems many us face when setting goals is that at some point we end up loosing focus, becoming distracted by the events going on in our lives. So I actually started a vision board that helped me to focus my mind on the process and even when I do get distracted by what is happening around me I always go back to my vision board and I back on track.

  • It Helped Me Boosts My Creativity

When it comes to Visualization, you realize that unlike the real world your mind gives you a space where your options are limitless. And this where I let my imagination and ideas go crazy. Visualization gives the power to create your masterpiece from scratch. It serves as a brain-storming tool giving you new ideas of creativity,problem solving, innovation, and transformation.

Bottom line!

All of us are different and adopt different ways of doing things. Some people can visualize everything easily, while others can only picture a vague image of their desires.

Well, that’s okay!

With this article I would like to remind you that just like me YOU have the power to access your imagination to visualize, actualize and achieve your greatest dreams and goals.

However we define what success is, remember it never far from you. Believe it! Once you start seeing it, you are on the right track to working towards your desired outcome, and visualization is just there to prepare your mind for the upcoming action, way before the real action happens

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